Thursday, 28 April 2011

Handy tip of the day

Most flat pack furniture kits come with a large bag of nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. So you have to figure out which screw is the 5/8" and which is the 1/2" screw. If you guess incorrectly, it can mean disaster because some screws are too long and will poke through the other side ruining your new furniture. So its important to separate your parts and know which ones are which before you start assembling.

Here's a way of how this can be done in an easy and effective way....

Unpack all the bags of nails, screws, nuts, bolts etc and pin them in their groups on the polystyrene that came with the packaging. Take it from me, this will save you time whilst assembling your furniture. Having said that, time you have saved with this little exercise, you will waste trying to decipher the dodgy translation on the assembly instructions.

...and if you ever having trouble remembering which way to turn a screw?
Remember this old saying, ”Lefty Lucy, Righty Tighty”

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